Head Mounted Laser Pointer

For pALS who can move their heads, but have difficulty with speaking and moving their limbs, a hat-mounted pointer and communication board may be a helpful solution.  Best practice is for it to be used as a “rapid access” method even if they have an eyegaze device or other higher-tech communication method.  High-tech devices are wonderful, but are not always reliable in every environment or setting. This is a means of enabling communication quickly in multiple settings.

The highest quality laser pointer I’ve found is offered by Low Tech Solutions. Its cost to buy starts at $129.99 and they also offer a 2-week rental.  I have found nothing negative about this product yet; it’s very adjustable and lightweight with good battery life.


Follow this link for other DIY options as well as loads of wonderful details about laser light safety, using with communication boards, and more!  Compliments of Margaret Cotts from Low Tech Solutions