Voice Amplification

Voice amplifiers use a microphone and speaker to amplify speech and improve a person’s ability to communicate.  This can be a valuable technology for people living with ALS. Topics Medicare reimbursement for amplification devices Amplifiers and accessories for nearby communication Accessories for wireless or landline phone use Other voice amplification ideas Medicare options Although voice amplification […]

Message Banking How-To

A message bank is a compilation of recorded messages and phrases intended to preserve one’s voice. The complete phrases and personalized messages in a message bank convey the humor, emotion, and expression that is not available with current synthesized speech technologies. The process Record messages and phrases and save them as digital sound files. (Optional) Edit the finished […]

Using Message Banking in Conversation

TobiiDynavox Communicator 4 Online Text-to-Speech Example Q&A with Jim Hashman (diagnosed with ALS, 2013) External Link to Video’s of people using Message Banking TobiiDynavox Communicator 4 (Older Version) Back to top Online Text-to-Speech Example   View left Panel and click on Comments, Conversation, Greeting, I feel, Info Back to top Question and Answer session with […]

Preparing Communications for Emergency Situations

Keep information on your person Have information ready at home Inform EMS in advance Day-to-Day Wearables and Things to Carry A medical alert system for situations when a phone is out of reach (e.g., fall while in the shower, forgot cellphone). A non-profit resource Aging in Place provides a more thorough guide for what to look for when […]

Communication Boards

Communication Boards and Accessories Head-mounted laser pointer