Message Banking How-To

A message bank is a compilation of recorded messages and phrases intended to preserve one’s voice. The complete phrases and personalized messages in a message bank convey the humor, emotion, and expression that is not available with current synthesized speech technologies.

The process

  1. Record messages and phrases and save them as digital sound files.
  2. (Optional) Edit the finished files to remove “um”s or recorded silence.
  3. If necessary, these files can be imported into an alternative or augmentative communication device and used for conversation.

The tools

  1. A recording device.  A handheld recorder is ideal, but a computer with a microphone and/or headset will also work. (Before purchasing a recorder, make sure it is capable of transferring files to another device.)
  2. Sound recording and editing software (if using a computer).  Audacity is our favorite recording software, but any other program should work, as long as it can save files in a transferable format such as MP3 or WAV.
  3. Your voice!  If you’re not sure what to record, we can get you started with a list of common phrases.  Feel free to add to it and include personal “catch phrases”, nicknames for loved ones, or anything else that comes to mind.

Select A Method Below To Get Started

Operating System or Device?Recording method Items RequiredInstructions
Digital RecorderZoom H1 Digital Recorder ($100) RecommendZoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder
Accessory Pack (Optional-$25)
• Laptop/PC (Optional for editing, ALSA Evergreen can do this)
Windows OS
App: Message Banking (Free) Highly Recommend• Windows 10 Only
• Free Message Banking App
• Built-in mic, headset (recommended), or desktop microphone
Windows OS
Apple Mac
Audacity (Free) • Windows 7 and Above OR MacOS
• Free Audacity Program
• Built-in mic, headset (recommended), or desktop microphone
iPadDigital Recorder Pro • Downloaded Digital Recorder Pro App
• Mic on phone or External Microphone
No instructions yet

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